Meet Sherese Atkins

Finance Manager at HAUD

Sherese Atkins is a Finance Manager at HAUD, a Company offering solutions in the telecommunications industry. Over the past years, Sherese has carved a diverse career path and her journey so far has taken her through various roles and organisations, each contributing to her wealth of experience. After commencing her career in client accounting, she subsequently held key positions with companies operating in the banking, insurance and aviation sectors.

Sherese describes that from a very young age, she discovered her knack for making sense of numbers and her talent for solving complex problems. This combination of skills along with her keen attention to detail ignited her interest in taking a career in accounting. This eventually led her to undertake the ACCA qualification to become a qualified Accountant. Sherese describes the ACCA journey as a challenging one, as she had to juggle her studies while working full-time. Her days were long and demanding, but the pursuit of this prestigious qualification proved to be worthwhile. In her opinion, the ACCA qualification opens the door to various career opportunities.

In her current role as Finance Manager at HAUD, Sherese is responsible for overseeing the finance operations of the entities withing the Group. She describes her role as interesting and versatile, reflecting the dynamic nature of the Company that is currently expanding its global footprint.

For Sherese, a typical day as a Finance Manager starts with a coffee while answering her emails and organizing her to-do list for the day. She checks in with her team, some of whom would be working remotely to address any challenges that they might be facing. Throughout the day, she conducts detailed financial analyses and reviews management reporting, among other scheduled and ad-hoc tasks. She constantly monitors that the Finance team is well-equipped to meet the required internal and external deadlines for all the Group’s entities.

Sherese describes accounting as an exciting and continuously evolving profession that offers ample opportunities for learning and growth. The industry’s perpetual evolution keeps the work engaging, but it also presents its fair share of challenges, particularly during busy periods. According to Sherese, an important skill to succeed in the profession is the ability to prioritize tasks and seek innovative ways to enhance efficiency.

Sherese believes that accounting is a fulfilling and prestigious career that can lead to a lifetime of professional accomplishment and success. In light of this, Sherese’s advice to anyone interested in joining the accounting profession is to conduct thorough research and seek mentoring to truly find the path that best aligns with their personal and professional goals.