Meet Sara Farrugia

Direct Tax Manager at BDO Malta

Sara Farrugia is a fully qualified Accountant and currently holds the position of Direct Tax Manager at BDO Malta.

Sara’s journey into accounting commenced during her A’ levels when she landed a job which involved assisting with basic accounting duties. Subsequently, while pursuing her university studies, she took on the role of a part-time junior accountant at a mid-tier audit firm. During this time, an opportunity arose for Sara to delve into tax-related duties, and since 2017 she has been solely specialising in tax-related matters, navigating the demanding developments that come hand-in-hand with this specialized domain.

Nowadays, Sara forms part of a team of 12 tax specialists at BDO Malta, overseeing a diverse portfolio of clients spanning local and international domains. Her responsibilities encompass ensuring adherence to all tax compliance obligations and deadlines, alongside providing tailored tax planning strategies to meet the unique needs and intentions of clients.

Sara explains that the decision to embark on a career in accounting was primarily influenced by the vast array of career paths that it offers, especially during her indecisive student years. The allure of working with a vast array of clients, both local and international clients as well as the inherent job security and stability further solidified her choice.

Reflecting on her academic journey at the University of Malta, Sara believes that the journey leading to her qualification proved instrumental in shaping her professional outlook. The comprehensive curriculum, structured deadlines, working groups, presentations, and the final dissertation provided a holistic preparation for the rigors of work life and the multifaceted demands of the accounting profession.

Describing a career in taxation, Sara highlights the rapidly changing landscape, driven by new EU Directives and amendments that Malta must align with. While this poses a continuous challenge in keeping abreast of evolving rules, it also presents opportunities to leverage these changes for tangible benefits for clients, which she considers to be a rewarding aspect of her role.

Sara believes that the work of an accountant goes beyond numbers; it involves shaping strategies, influencing financial health, ensuring compliance with evolving regulations, and contributing to the success of corporate bodies and individuals. While acknowledging the challenges, Sara attests that the accountancy profession, with the right support structure and dedication, is not only a fulfilling career but can also be surprisingly fun!