Meet Pauline Micallef

Chief Executive Officer at MaritimeMT

Pauline Micallef is the Chief Executive Officer of MaritimeMT, an educational institution providing maritime training. Pauline’s career commenced with a strong academic foundation and a determination to excel. After completing her A’ Levels at the Malta Junior College, she embarked on a journey to become a certified accountant by undertaking the ACCA qualification. Her first professional experience was as an Accounts Clerk and later joined the largest generic pharmaceutical company in Malta where she ascended the ranks to become a Senior Finance Manager. During this period Pauline also started the Henley Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), which she successfully completed in 2018.

In 2019, driven by a desire for new challenges, Pauline joined the Malta Institute of Accountants as a Technical Strategy Manager. However, her affinity for the industry and business led her back to her roots as a professional accountant in business in August 2020, when she joined MaritimeMT as a Financial Controller. In a mere six months, her exceptional leadership and strategic acumen earned her the promotion to her current role – Chief Executive Officer, in 2021.

As the CEO of MaritimeMT Pauline Micallef assumes a multifaceted role that encompasses leadership, strategy formulation, and financial stewardship. Her strategic mindset, shaped through her accounting background and extensive experience, allows her to identify market trends, assess industry dynamics and formulate short and long-term strategies that pave the path for the Company’s growth and success. Her responsibilities also extend to overseeing the organisation’s operations, investments, and human resources.

Pauline believes that her background in accounting plays a pivotal role in her current CEO role. In her opinion, Accounting provides the foundation of financial expertise and business acumen, since it includes understanding of financial statements, budgeting and strategic financial planning. This knowledge allows her to make informed business decisions, ensuring the Company’s fiscal health and sustainability. In addition, Pauline points out that her accounting skills allow her to analyse complex financial data, identify trends, risks and opportunities that impact the organisation’s performance and eventually drive strategic decisions.

Pauline’s journey offers valuable insights for aspiring professionals aiming to reach the pinnacles of the industry. She emphasizes that attributes like perseverance, hard work and determination are vital ingredients for success. Her trajectory serves as a testament to the importance of starting from the bottom and gaining diverse experiences to truly understand the dynamics of a business.

Pauline believes that a career in accounting offers endless opportunities and is the foundation to many positions. She believes that accounting is not just about numbers; it’s about deciphering the language of business, unravelling financial mysteries and driving organisational decisions. Pauline advises future accountants to embrace continuous learning, stay updated on industry trends and to cultivate a strong ethical foundation.

Her advice to aspiring accountants is ‘if you’re curious, tenacious, and ready to contribute to the dynamic world of finance, take that step forward. Your journey as an accountant will be a rewarding voyage of discovery, impact, and endless potential’.