Meet Matthew Abela

Partner at Acubed

Matthew Abela is a fully qualified Accountant and one of the founding partners of Acubed, a professional services firm offering accounting, audit and tax services.

Matthew took the University route towards becoming a qualified Accountant. He attained the B.Com degree which was followed up with a Masters in Accountancy and later, a Masters in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology. His professional career kicked off during his time at the University where he served as a student worker with a big four firm. This experience set the stage for a full-time role as a qualified auditor, which provided Matthew with a wide range exposure that allowed him to develop both his technical and soft skills as a professional. Matthew subsequently transitioned to a medium-tier audit firm where he served in a more senior and managerial role.

Matthew explains that in his teenage years he was more inclined towards a career in IT. However, his desire for a career that engaged more with the human aspect of the business led him to pursue an accounting career path. Matthew believes that while the conventional perception often characterises accounting as primarily dealing with numbers, in realty, a substantial portion of an accountant’s role resolves around interacting with people, understanding businesses and navigating their diverse challenges and opportunities.

It was his passion for innovation and a desire to create something impactful that led him to co-found Acubed. Reflecting on the past year since the inception of Acubed, Matthew describes the experience as busy and challenging but extremely rewarding. He attributes the success of their venture to a shared motivation and the right skill set, emphasizing that every beginning is hard but the rewards make the sacrifices worthwhile.

Matthew’s responsibilities as a Partner are diverse and centre around serving both his clients and employees and ultimately also contributing towards the accounting profession. Despite the challenges, he finds great reward in contributing to the growth and success of his firm.

Matthew views the accounting profession as one that poses a number of challenges, yet equally abundant with opportunities for growth and professional development. The profession, with its stability, flexibility, and growth prospects promises a fulfilling journey with good financial rewards and development opportunities.