Meet Luca Mizzi

Tax Supervisor at BDO Malta

Luca Mizzi is a CPA warranted Accountant and currently holds the position of Tax Supervisor at BDO Malta.

Luca’s academic journey saw him undertaking the university route to obtain his Accountancy qualification and in 2020, he successfully earned his Masters in Accountancy degree from the University of Malta.

Luca started his career in the tax department of a big four firm and later joined the tax team at BDO Malta. During this time, he also successfully obtained a Professional Award in Taxation from the Malta Institute of Taxation.

In his current role as a Tax Supervisor at BDO Malta, Luca manages corporate tax compliance obligations for a wide range of clients. His responsibilities include reviewing and filing tax returns, as well as handling applications for tax refunds and credits. Luca also extends his expertise by providing ad-hoc tax advice and strives to keep abreast of industry developments by regularly attending seminars hosted by major professional bodies. While his primary focus lies in direct corporate tax, Luca also occasionally engages in personal tax and VAT assignments.

Reflecting on his choice of taking a career in accounting, Luca explains that this was primarily motivated by the various opportunities that the profession presents across different sectors. Accounting professionals have the flexibility to specialize in specific fields and can opt to work in public practice or within various industries. Luca believes that the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the accountancy field often acts as a catalyst, cultivating an environment where accounting professionals are driven to pursue ongoing learning and explore innovative pathways.

Delving into his decision to specialise in tax, Luca explains that this is routed in the recognition that taxation is an exceptionally specialized and continuously evolving field. Working within the realm of tax enables him to monitor and stay abreast of the dynamic developments occurring at both EU and OECD levels.

Luca believes that the accountancy profession is widely respected and globally recognized and offers a pathway brimming with opportunities for professional growth and achievement. For those considering entering the accountancy profession, his advice is that, armed with the right attitude and unwavering commitment, a career in accounting will pave the way for a stable journey enriched with numerous opportunities for both professional and personal development.