Meet Kenneth Cremona

Indirect Tax Manager at RSM Malta

Kenneth Cremona is an Indirect Tax Manager at RSM Malta. Soon after graduating as an Accountant from the University of Malta in 2015, Kenneth immediately found his passion in taxation, specifically indirect tax, which has been his main focus since 2019.

In this current role at RSM Malta, Kenneth specialises in VAT advisory and compliance and he is primarily responsible for providing expert advice to clients, ensuring they remain compliant with tax regulations while optimising their indirect tax processes and structures. In his role, Kenneth also leads a dynamic team of five colleagues and takes pride in guiding, mentoring and coordinating his team’s effort to achieve the goals of the firm.

Kenneth has also developed a passion for teaching and he currently delivers lectures in collaboration with various institutions, including the University of Malta. He believes that teaching is a way to give back to the accounting profession, and he strongly values sharing knowledge, especially to inspire the upcoming generation of accountants.

Kenneth’s decision to embark on an accounting career was driven by his curiosity about the world around him and a desire to be able to engage in conversations involving financial matters. Drawing inspiration from the timeless adage that there are three certainties in life – life, death, and taxes – Kenneth recognised that, in a way, every individual engages in their own form of accounting through activities like saving, investing, forecasting, and tax calculations. A career in accounting therefore provides the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively utilise these tools in everyday life.

Kenneth believes that the role of an accountant has evolved significantly in recent years. Accountants are no longer confined to number crunching but nowadays play a pivotal role in providing valuable insights across all facets of a business. In view of this, Kenneth explains that being in tune with the relevant market and industry is essential for an accountant to make a valid contribution to the business.

Working in the specialised field of VAT has been an incredibly rewarding journey for Kenneth. When asked about what he finds most gratifying in this niche area, he points to the diversity that characterises his role. He describes a typical day in his role as encompassing a variety of activities, which may include morning meetings with local sole traders, preparing presentations on the latest VAT updates for fellow professionals and engaging in discussions about complex VAT issues faced by multinational corporations. What truly brings satisfaction to Kenneth is the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the VAT challenges faced by various clients. Moreover, his role allows him to be a constant learner, drawing insights from the experiences of people hailing from diverse walks of life. One notable aspect of VAT, as Kenneth highlights, is its harmonisation within the European Union. This harmonisation not only streamlines processes but also offers a unique chance to engage in discussions and share insights with other member firms, fostering relationships with professionals from varied backgrounds.

Kenneth believes that there has never been a more opportune moment to pursue a career in the accounting profession. The profession offers a wide array of opportunities, and the role of an accountant has evolved to become a pivotal factor in driving the success of businesses. Aspiring accountants can look forward to a dynamic and fulfilling journey ahead in this ever-evolving landscape.