Meet Delsey Deguara

Finance Manager at NIUM

Delsey Deguara is a Finance Manager at NIUM, a global Financial Technology company. Delsey’s career embarked in 2015 when she joined the audit department of a Big4 firm. In this role, she had the opportunity to work on various audits and gained invaluable experience across various industries. Her dedication subsequently allowed her to climb the professional ladder and transition into industry accounting positions. Over the years, Delsey has lent her expertise to the in-house Finance teams of international companies spanning different industries including commodities, hospitality, financial services, and on-demand payment sectors.

Currently serving as the Finance Manager at Nium in Malta, Delsey finds herself in an environment that thrives on innovation and adaptability. Nium is a cutting-edge FinTech that offers on-demand money movement solutions on a global scale. Delsey’s role within this dynamic company involves a wide array of responsibilities that encompass transaction recording for profitability assessment, preparation of management accounts, cashflow analysis, budgeting and forecasting. Additionally, she is involved in identifying potential areas of business risk and actively working towards bolstering the control environment. Delsey’s role also extends to the preparation of statutory Financial Statements, collaboration with auditors, and ensuring compliance with global regulations.

Delsey believes that a career in accounting offers a journey of continuous growth and opportunity. Whether one chooses to specialize in audit, tax, advisory or corporate finance, an accounting career opens the doors to numerous avenues and opportunities in different sectors.

However, a career in accounting does come with its share of challenges. Managing multiple projects simultaneously, ensuring timely regulatory reporting and addressing evolving priorities demand effective time management and stress management skills. Delsey emphasizes the importance of building a supportive team and maintaining flexibility to navigate these challenges successfully.

One intriguing aspect of Delsey’s journey is her choice to work within industry accounting rather than public accounting. Delsey explains that the driving force behind this decision stems from the opportunity to engage with a wide range of projects, collaborate across various sectors and make a meaningful impact on different areas of a business. Highlighting the crucial role of the finance department in shaping a business’s path, Delsey finds satisfaction in contributing insights on company performance and participating in strategic decision-making.

Delsey took the ACCA route to become a fully qualified Accountant and she explains that this decision was primarily motivated by the opportunity to pursue studies while maintaining a full-time job. This allowed her to seamlessly merge her educational journey with her career advancement. Achieving the ACCA certification not only enhanced Delsey’s technical expertise but also provided her with hands-on knowledge and experience.

From her auditor’s chair to the helm of financial management at Nium, Delsey’s professional journey serves as a testament to the numerous opportunities that lie ahead for those who approach an accounting career with steadfast dedication, a thirst for knowledge and a genuine passion for the field.

For aspiring Accountants, Delsey’s message is that an accounting career brings boundless satisfaction and a world of opportunities, both locally and internationally. Her concluding message is ‘if you’re fuelled by learning and driven by passion, then this is your pathway to a rewarding journey of career growth!’