Meet Cleven D’Amato

Managing Director at A4 Services

Cleven D’Amato is a fully qualified Accountant and Managing Director of A4 Services, a professional services firm offering accounting and audit services.

In the early stages of his career, Cleven worked in a number of accounting and audit roles and this exposure laid the foundation for his in-depth understanding of the accounting industry. Armed with this invaluable experience, he ventured to establish A4 Services, a firm that has evolved and expanded after joining an international association.

Cleven explains that he chose a career in accounting as he enjoys navigating the intricate financial landscapes that underpin the business world. Describing accounting as a dynamic puzzle, he finds satisfaction in solving the financial scenarios each piece represents. In addition, specializing in auditing adds an extra layer of excitement, as it involves delving into the depths of financial records and uncovering the stories that they tell. Cleven believes that accounting is a career where curiosity meets challenge, creating an endlessly engaging and rewarding career.

The decision to launch A4 Services stemmed from Cleven’s desire to provide specialized accounting and auditing solutions. With a focus on precision and client needs, the firm strives to tailor its services to meet the unique requirements of each client. Cleven views the journey so far as being one of continuous learning and adaptation to the evolving needs of the industry.

Over the past year, Cleven and his team have been working on developing an AI-powered Audit software – Sheetsway, with its official launched planned for this January. The software aims to significantly enhance audit engagement efficiency, streamlining workflows with features like auto-mapping, smooth referencing, and generating tailored procedures based on a client’s profile using a risk-based approach. The software’s capabilities extend to automatic data extraction from documentation, along with the generation of financial statements and audit letters with minimal manual input.

Additionally, Cleven was appointed as an external reviewer with the quality assurance board and as a member of the young members group (MIA).

Reflecting on a career in accounting, Cleven characterises it as dynamic, offering opportunities for growth and specialization. The profession demands staying abreast of industry changes, which encompass both regulatory and technical updates as well as technological advancements. As a concluding message, Cleven encourages aspiring Accountants to embrace adaptability, a thirst for learning and unwavering passion, recognising that in this dynamic profession, every challenge is an opportunity to innovate and excel.