Meet Josef Mercieca

Tax Partner at BDO Malta

Josef Mercieca is a tax partner at BDO Malta, where he leads the firm’s tax practice. With over eighteen years of experience in the field, Josef has earned a reputation as a prominent tax expert in Malta and a trusted resource for businesses and individuals seeking to navigate through the complex world of taxation.

Josef started his career as a tax junior with a Big 4 accounting firm before moving on to a mid-tier firm where he acted as the head of the firm’s income tax and VAT function. In his current role as tax partner at BDO Malta, Josef’s responsibilities include managing the day-to-day tax advice and structuring requirements of clients as well as overseeing the overall deliverables of the tax team. In addition, Josef is also responsible for the business development of the tax team’s service line and he acts as the Malta tax ambassador for the firm, promoting BDO’s tax services and contributing to the firm’s growth.

The decision to pursue a career in accounting was driven by his desire for stability as well as the opportunities for growth and advancement that the industry offers. Josef notes that accounting is a field that is always in demand, providing high job security for those in the profession. With experience and further education, accountants can eventually advance to higher-level positions in the areas of tax, auditing, consulting, or financial management which offer greater responsibilities and challenges. Additionally, accountants have the flexibility to work in a wide range of industries, making it a versatile career path.

Working in a tax-specialized area is both challenging and rewarding, according to Josef. Tax professionals must be knowledgeable about the complex tax laws and regulations that apply to their clients. This requires conducting research to constantly stay informed about changes in tax laws and interpreting how they apply to specific situations. Tax professionals are also  responsible for managing multiple projects and meeting deadlines, such as preparing tax returns or planning for upcoming tax filing deadlines. Therefore, being organized and able to manage multiple tasks are essential skills for a tax professional. Despite the challenges, Josef highlights that a tax focused career is highly rewarding as tax professionals play a crucial role in advising clients on various tax related matters including tax planning and compliance.

Josef’s message to anyone interested in joining the accountancy profession is that it is a highly rewarding and well-respected career. With hard work, dedication, and a passion for the industry, one can quickly advance to higher level roles and have the ability to make a significant impact.

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